Publish posts from your MyLocal Hub

You can publish posts to your website and social media from your MyLocal Hub. First, log in to the MyLocal Hub by going to the MyLocal login.

Once you are logged in, use the 'Publish' menu that is located at the top of the Publish page. Simply type the text that you’d like to post to your website and social media. You are able to attach an image by clicking on the photo button and attaching an image. You also have the ability to insert a link using the link button.

Share on your website, Twitter and Facebook

Once you have connected your Twitter and Facebook accounts, the posts that you publish using the MyLocal hub will post to your website, Twitter and Facebook by default. You are able to specify where you’d like your posts to appear by clicking on the 'Your Website', 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' buttons (green is on, grey is off).

Publish Now

Once you are ready to post you can click the “Publish Now” button to publish your post right away. Text-only posts take less than 20 seconds typically to appear everywhere. Posts with an image typically appear within a minute, but will vary depending on the size of the image.