Overview of Insights

MyLocal Insights help you understand how visitors are engaging with your website. You can easily access metrics and statistics about the performance of your website.

Once you've logged-in, you access Insights on the left-hand menu.

With MyLocal Insights, you can view the following statistics and details for the the timeframe requested and track your progress:

Unique Visitors by Day - Find out how many unique visitors access your website by day.

Visitors by City - View which cities your visitors are from.

Calls from your Mobile Website by Day - See how many calls are made from your mobile website by day.

Directions from your Mobile Website by Day - See how many visitors access directions from your mobile site.

Devices Used- Find out which devices are used to access your website.

Top Pages - Find out which pages your visitors are going to the most.

Top Search Keywords - See which keywords your visitors are using to find your website.

Search Engines - Determine which search engines are being used to find your website.